To The Class of 2020

Senior Photos

Thinking of this very special class today. One of my favorite parts of working with seniors is getting to hear each of you talk about your excitement for your senior year and hear all of your plans for the year ahead. Today is a really sad day. You have all worked so hard. For all of your parents who have cheered you on through every accomplishment, encouraged you through every set back and celebrated every milestone in your life, I’m so sad for them too. Each and every one of you deserves a chance to celebrate all you’ve achieved. All I know is that through great loss comes great strength, through great sacrifice comes greater resilience. This class will be stronger and have a greater understanding of how to persevere than any class that has come before. Today is a hard day. I’m thinking of each of you and your families.

To Jack & Ryan, I’m so very proud of you both. We love you so much.

Stay strong Class of 2020. We are rooting for you all.

All my love, Kate

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